Why we?
  • Created by leading experts in broilers feeding and breeding.
  • Produced in accordance with European breeders’ demands for optimal growth and health of the poultry.
  • Triple quality control and finishing spray with vegetable oil and enzymes.
  • Professional feeds for the poultry of own farms and large agricultural companies.
  • Danish granulation system preserves the feed from harmful bacteria and avoids pellets deformation.
  • The feeds of TM "Konstanta" significantly surpass all existing types of feed for the nutritional and energy values.
  • Feeding broilers

    Broilers, unlike other kinds of poultry, have high intensity of growth. Therefore, from the first days of life they need complete feed, balanced for all nutrients according to the recommendations considering the particular cross.

  • Feeding of adult egg hens

    Modern egg crosses allow to receive up to 330 eggs from a laying hen annually. Implementation of genetic potential of productivity is possible subject to the hygiene standards of detention, the veterinary and epizootic well-being of the farm/enterprise and the use of a balanced high-quality feed.

  • Feeding of young egg hens

    For the breeding of high-quality rearing flocks in the first four days of life the chicken should be fed to the zero diet, consisting of feed with the most readily soluble and easily digestible nutrients (corn, wheat, soybean meal, fish meal, milk powder, etc.). The components of the diet should be a kind of grit with a particle size of 0.5-1.0 mm.

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