About us

Corporate group of trademark “Konstanta” is a big agro-industrial association consisting of several companies, including two feed mills, situated in Ukraine: «Konstanta-Feed» LLC, Donetsk region, Konstantinovka, vil. Berestok, 1, Dokuchaeva Str. and «KZ «Konstanta» LLC, Zhytomyr region, vil. Pisky, 3, Polyova Str.

Our enterprise focuses on manufacturing of feeds and protein-vitamin additives on the most complex recipes, both standard and individual, and pre-starters of European quality. We are able to produce 35 thousand tons of feed per month at our plants, including 20 thousand tons produced on «KZ «Konstanta» LLC. All products are certified. The company "Konstanta" has successful experience of cooperation with foreign partners.

The Feed mills of the Association are among the leading enterprises of agro-industrial complex of Ukraine. These are enterprises with full technological cycle:

  • truck scales allows a rapid carry out of unloading operations at acceptance of grain;
  • transportation of grains in bunker with total load of 10,000 tons;
  • cleaning and drying lines allow to bring the quality of grain to the standard indicators on trash and moisture and for further use (in accordance with approved recipes for the production of animal feed and protein-vitamin additives);
  • the dispatch of feeds is carried out in bulk in specialized machines (loaders of dry forages) and in bags of 10 kg, 20 kg, 40 kg;
  • opportunity of delivery of the Goods by railway.

Highly accurate modern equipment for production of protein-vitamin-mineral additives and feed, own accredited laboratory, the control of raw materials and the finished product allow to achieve an optimal content of the components in the feed, mixing uniformity, and high-quality pellets. The factories of our corporate group are equipped by the latest Danish equipment with the special pelletizing system.

The line capacity is 15-18 t/h on a matrix of 3.5 mm - with standard feed. The line includes the following equipment: a screw-feeder, conditioning mixer, machine for product exposure, set for the reduction of steam, pelleting press, counter cooler, grinder of pellets, sifter, the control system of pelletizing line.

Automatic system controls all parameters while operation, namely: product flow, temperature and steam pressure, feed temperature at the inlet and outlet of the matrix. The use of the system of long-term exposure to the heat in the steaming mode helps to avoid contamination by pathogenic organisms.

The Association has a complex system for the calculation of the best recipes of fodders, proteinvitamin additives, feed concentrates. We don’t use hormones and growth stimulators based on antibiotics in our products, we use probiotics, enzymes and plant extracts instead.

Today, our company represents a wide range of animal feed and protein-mineral-vitamin additives of export quality under the trade mark "Konstanta". These products are in steady demand.

Our experts have extensive experience and apply a comprehensive approach in the field of feed manufacturing and feeding of farm animals and poultry. Keeping obligations to partners, we help them make their work efficient and profitable.