Protein-mineral-vitamin additives for pigs and cows

БМВД для свиней і корів
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Using vitamin and mineral additives, you provide the needs of animals in vital elements of supply;

  • high gain weight;
  • stability in animal health and resistance to various diseases;
  • minimum cost of food (ie, conversion of feed).

Ease of use and high quality of products made protein and vitamin additives feed actively used in feeds for young and adult livestock and that are indispensable in the running the farm.

Protein-vitamin-mineral additives are designed for feeds and feed blends for dairy cows. The rate of insertion is 10-20% of the share or feed or blend as well as to the amount necessary to balance the diet. The additives contain proteins, various vitamins and minerals, flavor.

Using of protein-vitamin-mineral additives for cows 10-20% provides:

  • increased milk production by 10-15%;
  • reducing calving interval;
  • increasing productive longevity of cows;
  • optimal rumen acidity;
  • increase the yield of calves;
  • reducing the number of cows’ mastitis;
  • improvement of milk quality.


10% protein-vitamin-mineral additives are recommended to be mixed with grain feed.

Norm: 10% of the feed. Feeding: 2-4 times a day. Feed with the insertion of 10% of additives should be consumed 10 days before calving and throughout lactation. Other amount to balance the diet is possible

Protein-mineral-vitamin additives 20% for calves

Protein-mineral-vitamin additives for young cattle diet

Norm: 20% of the feed. They include: proteins, various vitamins, minerals and flavor. Mineral supplements are perfect for balancing diet of calves.

The use of 20% BMVD for calves helps:

  • To increase average daily weight gain;
  • To improve calves’ physiological state;
  • To prevent diarrhea;
  • To reduce expenses while growing.

Application: 20% protein-mineral-vitamin additives are used in feed composition, its rate is 20% of the feed for calves of the age from 7 days to 6 months.

Protein-mineral-vitamin additives for pigs
Additives are a rich energy source, improving whole condition and development of pigs and cows. They are considered practicable as can be easily mixed with feed.

Protein-vitamin supplements are recommended for different specialized enterprises and farms.

Mineral supplements are widely used in modern economy. This suggests that they are really suitable for the preparation of various high-grade feeds for pigs and cows. In addition, they are of high demand and great practical use.

Large farms with high level of technology should use only targeted recipes worked out considering full information about the economy.

Action of protein-mineral-vitamin additives is aimed at the prevention of various disorders of metabolism and improvement of the resistance of the whole organism. PMVA have positive effect on the health, growth and development of pigs, help acquiring high and significant weight gain and decreases the cases of death loss.

Advantages of use:

  • Improved feed conversion.
  • Increased growth.
  • Good consuming of feed.
  • Increased resistance to stress and improvement of health.
  • Multienzymes and phytase are destined for better absorption of nutrients from feed components difficult to digest.
  • The composition of probiotics growth stimulator provides antidiarrheal effect.
  • All components are stable and retain their activity while feed preparation and use.

Ingredients of concentrate: soybean meal, fish meal, corn protein, milk protein, glucose, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, vegetable oil, stimulant of digestion, enzymes, flavorings.

Type: bulk.

Packing: multilayer paper or polypropylene 25 kg bags on pallets of 1 ton.

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