Feed ТМ «Fogel Broiler»

Комбікорм ТМ Фогель «Бройлер»
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The trade mark «Konstanta» comprises the line of feeds and protein-mineral-vitamin additives for professional feeding. The recipes are worked out according to recommendations of European breeders by a team of Ukrainian and Danish technologists, specializing in growing of particular species of animals and birds. This approach allows us to create a feeding program, taking into account all nuances of the physiology of certain species, as this guarantees the maximum performance of their growth and health.

For more than 15 years we provide the leading Ukrainian agricultural enterprises with our feeds as well as our own farms. Now the feeds produced by «KZ» Konstanta» LLC are available for you too!

«Fogel Broiler» – broilers feeding professional program

Feeding program "Fogel Broiler" provides rapid growth and receiving high quality chicken for 42-45 days weighing 2.5-2.8 kg with minimal cost of feed per unit of growth. . Such good results (at the level of the best agricultural enterprises) are achieved due to the use of high value feed with good protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and microelements balance. It is very important to follow the recommendations for broilers:

Conditions of keeping broilers

Relative humidity 60-70%
Ventilation, per kg of live weight 6 m3 / h
The stocking density 35 kg live weight / m2
Temperature 34 - 19 C
Light mode 24-23 hours
Feeding front 2.5-3.5 cm / head
Watering front 1-2 cm / head
The feed contains only natural ingredients: corn, wheat, barley, peas, sunflower and soybean processing products, phosphates. Apart from this, limestone, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, enzymes, absorbents. Quality indicators of animal feed correspond the recommendations of European breeders.

Other advantages of feeds ТМ «Konstanta» and «Fogel»

Producing lines of our feed mills are equipped with Danish pelletizing system with extra steam treatment of the raw materials, that allows:

  • To increase feed nutrition due to its being more absorbed (due to dextrinization of starch and partial denaturation of the protein);
  • To avoid the feed losses as the pellet remains stronger;
  • To make feed extra decontaminated due to very high temperatures.

All our feed trademarks correspond DSTU 4120-2002 и TU В 10.9-37217406-001-2012 and are accompanied by a certificate by our laboratories accredited by Ukrainian State Centre of Standardization and Certification "Ukragrostandartsertifikatsiya".

We provide veterinary support for our customers and work out individual recipes and produce special feed for them.

Qualified specialists of Association «ASD» create individual feeding programs of all kinds of livestock, poultry and fish in accordance with customers’ requirements, observe results of feed consuming, provide laboratory services for the most efficient and beneficent operation of farms.

FF 5/0 «Prestart» – is a feed for chickens from 0 to 7 days, performed as a grit. Containing 9 bioactive compounds, it has optimal size and rigidity and high level of absorbency. Enzyme compounds of the feed and glucose favors faster dissolution of yolk while feeding. It allows chickens to accelerate their development in short terms, to consume feed completely, as it contains all necessary constituent elements for fast growth stimulation. In the first decade chickens are fed 5-6 times a day, the drinkers are always full. Daily amount of feed is 23 g / head, and live weight of the period is up to 160 g.

FF 5/1 «Start» – is a feed for chickens from 8 to 14 days, performed as a grit. In Start and Prestart Feeds we use only high-protein ingredients, with higher level of absorbency (soybean cake, fish flour, exfoliated barley) and multi-enzyme group, favorable for best protein digestion. This maximizes the potential of chickens to gain weight and reduces the cost of feed per unit of gain. For the normal functioning of the stomach muscle it is recommended once a week to add gravel to the feed at the rate of 0.5 kg per 100 heads, particle size - 0.2-0.3 mm.

FF 5/2 «Grower» allows to keep the uniformity of livestock, provide stable growth of chickens, maximum accumulation of fatty tissue and normal formation of protein tissue. Grower feed stimulates the formation of strong bones and joints, increases the surface of the skeletal muscle of accommodation (which is a guarantee of the absence of weakness of legs and good plumage). As well as helps to develop immunity against diseases and infections. Feed is consumed to the age of 35 days. The daily feed consumption in this period amounts to 70-120 g / head.

FF 6 «Finish» – is a feed specially designed for the final fattening of poultry, contributing not only to broilers weight gain, but also improving the quality of carcasses. Phyto-oils and corn, a part of the FF 6, give meat and fat dressed market quality and improve palatability. Feed consumption is 130-200 g / head / day. The term of the fattening period is determined by the required weight of broilers 2.4-2.8 kg. Gravel should be removed from a diet 10-12 days before slaughter.

The switch of a diet should be gradual with changing the structure of the feeding for 2-3 days.
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