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Feeding of geese with TM «Konstanta» feeds

According to the production and scientific research in the field of poultry, specialists of "Konstanta-Kombikorm" LLC developed the technology of growing geese, intended to increase their productivity, to strengthen immunity, to achieve the planned live weight as soon as possible. We offer phase feeding of poultry using specially developed full value pelleted feed for each growing period.

Modern production technologies

The feed mills of "Konstanta-Kombikorm" LLC hold a triple quality control while production process: raw materials when applying for production, the process itself and the quality of the finished product. We provide veterinary support for our customers and work out individual recipes and produce special feed for them. All our brands of our feeds are accompanied by certificates by our laboratories accredited Ukrainian State Centre of Standardization and Certification "Ukragrostandartsertifikatsiya".

The sequence of feeding

Feeding the geese should be carried out taking into account the cross, age and productivity trends. In the first eight weeks of their intensive growth they need a high value diet. The objective of growing geese program is to achieve the planned weight as soon as possible, preparing geese for laying eggs and maintaining high levels of productivity of poultry at optimum consummation of feed.

Feed does not contain ingredients that can worsen the taste and quality of meat.

The feed includes corn, wheat, barley, peas, soybean and sunflower products, phosphates. Also limestone, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, adsorbents.

Goslings should be fed immediately from their transfer from hatchery to growing plant. Full value feed for geese Start the FF-31 is used for the geese at the age of 1-3 weeks. Feed characterized by high concentration of crude protein and optimal content amino acid. During the first week goslings are fed with FF-31 6-8 times a day, and then - 3-4 times a day. The rate of feeding in this period amounts to 40-110 g / head / day.

At the end of feeding with Start FF-31 goslings gain 800-950 g of weight and they are transferred to feeding with FF- translate them into another diet 32. Goslings react negatively to changes in feed composition, so the switch of a diet should be gradual within 3-4 days, replacing one feed by the other (FF-31 FF-32).

FF-32 – is a complete grower feed for intensive growth of geese. By this time feed consumption increases and reaches 150-310 g / head / day. At the end of this period live weight of geese is about 3.5-4 kg. Rearing geese are fed as meat geese till 9th week (FF-31, FF-32). From 9 weeks to 34 weeks geese are fed with feed with a reduced level of nutrients.

FF-33 – this feed is specially designed to prepare the young to the long and intensive laying period. The rearing flocks and meat geese are not recommended to be fed ad libitum, as in case of excessive consumption fatness of goslings and their future performance is reduced.

The transition from FF-32 to FF-33 is carried out gradually, within 3-4 days, to avoid the stress of feeding. Daily amount of feed is 260-300 g / head / day. Starting from 32 weeks, the rearing flocks are gradually transferred to diet for geese breeders FF 30. Feed consumption is 300-320 g / head / day.

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