Feed ТМ «Fogel Turkey»

Комбікорм ТМ Фогель «Індик»
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The trade mark «Konstanta» comprises the line of feeds and protein-mineral-vitamin additives for professional feeding. The recipes are worked out according to recommendations of European breeders by a team of Ukrainian and Danish technologists, specializing in growing of particular species of animals and birds. This approach allows us to create a feeding program, taking into account all nuances of the physiology of certain species, as this guarantees the maximum performance of their growth and health.

For more than 15 years we provide the leading Ukrainian agricultural enterprises with our feeds as well as our own farms. Now the feeds produced by «KZ» Konstanta» LLC are available for you too!

«Fogel Turkey» – is professional program of feeding turkeys

In comparison with other species due to more intense growth turkeys have a higher demand for full value protein, amino acids and vitamins. Their growth rates surpass chickens, geese and ducks. During the period of growing turkeys live weight may increase by about 200 times, gobblers - 400 times. In addition, the peculiarity of feeding is that the need for exchange energy is increasing, and the crude protein - is reducing depending on a phase.

All these features are taken into account while creating recipes for turkeys. Feeding Program "Fogel Turkey" is intended for turkeys of heavy crosses. Recipes for these groups of birds are designed for maximum weight gain before the expiration of the period of growing. To realize the full potential of the feed, you need to follow the recommendations on the keeping.

Conditions of keeping turkeys

Relative humidity 60-70%
Ventilation, per1 kg of live weight
- Cold period 0,71 m3/h
- Warm period 5 m3/h
The stocking density
- Turkey up to 52 kg live weight/m2
- индюк up to 58 kg live weight/m2
Temperature 38 - 22 ºС
Light mode 20-14 hours
Feeding front 10 cm/head
Watering front 3 cm/head
The feed includes corn, wheat, barley, soybean and sunflower products, phosphates. Also bran, salt, limestone, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, enzymes, adsorbents. Quality indicators of animal feed meet the recommendations of European breeders.

Other advantages of feeds ТМ «Konstanta» and «Fogel»

Producing lines of our feed mills are equipped with Danish pelletizing system with extra steam treatment of the raw materials, that allows:

  • To increase feed nutrition due to its being more absorbed (due to dextrinization of starch and partial denaturation of the protein);
  • To avoid the feed losses as the pellet remains stronger;
  • To make feed extra decontaminated due to very high temperatures.

All our feed trademarks correspond DSTU 4120-2002 и TU В 10.9-37217406-001-2012 and are accompanied by a certificate by our laboratories accredited by Ukrainian State Centre of Standardization and Certification "Ukragrostandartsertifikatsiya".

We provide veterinary support for our customers and work out individual recipes and produce special feed for them.

Qualified specialists of Association «ASD» create individual feeding programs of all kinds of livestock, poultry and fish in accordance with customers’ requirements, observe results of feed consuming, provide laboratory services for the most efficient and beneficent operation of farms.

Program of growing turkeys

Indicator Description Weeks Rate of Feeding Consumption
      (g/head/day) For a period, g/head
FF 11 prestart 1-2 10-26 250-260
FF 12/1 start 3-5 38-80 1200-1300
FF 12/2 start2 6-9 85-160 3420-3450
FF 13/1 fattening 10-13 170-240 7100-7200
FF 13/2 fattening2 14-17 245-290 7400-7500
FF 14 finish 18+ 290-300 ---

Prestart feed FF 11 is designated for poults from 2 days to 2 weeks. It is used as the starting basis of complete feed. FF-11 shows a maximum concentration of crude protein, lysine, methionine, threonine and tryptophan in relation to other starting feed. Careful selection of protein nutrition, subject to the necessary concentration of metabolizable energy leads to maximum growth of the birds at the start. Feed should always be in the feeders installed close to local heating places.

Start feed FF 12/1 is designated for poults at the age of 3-5 weeks. In this period the integrity and structure of the muscles of turkeys is forming, so it is considered to be one of the most important stages of the formation of the body. Feed FF 12/1 possesses the optimal contents of vitamins B and D, which are responsible for bone formation by cartilage tab and an ideal ratio of amino acids that contributes to the further rapid and healthy development of the turkeys.

Starter feed FF 12/2 is used for turkeys at the age 6-9 weeks and contributes to the further development of the formation of their bones and rib cages. FF 12/2 contains the maximum amount of easily digestible proteins that stimulate growth of turkeys and have a positive effect on muscle component and a yield percentage of a diked carcass at slaughter.

Grower feed FF 13/1 is used in phase of intensive fattening of turkeys, the main task of which is to achieve a high yield of the chest (approximately 35% of body weight). High-quality protein components in the feed FF 13/1 contribute to the formation of fatty tissue.

Grower feed FF 13/2 contributes to the intensive growth of young turkey until the stock transfer in the final phase of breeding. Using feed FF 13/2 for fattening of poultry provides a 18-week turkeys weighing 10-12 kg and turkeys 7-9 kg (depending on the genetic potential). Males grow faster (especially after the eighth week), so their demand of feed is higher. For better digestion gravel is necessary, it contributes to the chafing food particles. Once a week gravel is poured on top of feed along the feeding space.

Finish feed FF 14 is used in the final stage of fattening turkeys, and while maintaining the parent stock. The composition of the feed PC 14 contributes to the development of sexual organs of turkeys and prepare them for a productive period.

The switch of a diet should be gradual with changing the structure of the feeding for 2-3 days.
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