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Feeding cows with TM “Konstanta” feeds

The milk production of cows is affected by many factors. To obtain normal performance cows need to follow the right diet from the very birth. Milk yield and contents of milk depends directly on the feeding and the state of cow’s proventriculus. The biological processes that provide the cow with nutrients and energy occur in rumen.

Developed rations of "KZ" Konstanta" LLC are able to provide cows with everything necessary to stimulate milk production. To design diet of a cow cows with the use of feed, their age, fatness and nutritional value of feed should be taken into account.

Modern production technologies

Feeds and concentrates, worked out by “KZ”Konstanta” LLC provide animals with vitaminmineral complex and help to improve diets in order to increase productivity. Production lines of feed mills "Konstanta" are supplied with the latest equipment from "AGROTECHNOLOGY" (Denmark). All product falls under the system of long-term exposure to the heat in the steaming mode, providing a high quality of pellet and hygienically cleanness. The fodder corresponds ТU U 10.9-37217406-003:2012

Feed does not contain ingredients that can worsen the taste and quality of milk.

Milk cows summer diet

Basic food in the summer is fresh grass. This product contains all the necessary vitamins and substances that have positive impact on animals, especially on productivity.

Feeding cows in summer is formed as follows:

  • pasture - cows are not fed in stalls or just 25% of the total diet;
  • pasture + stall - cows get about 50-70% of fresh green grass per day, and the last 50% - cereals and roughage;
  • stall + pasture - livestock gets 50-70% of a food in stall and the remainder on pasture;
  • stall - animals get all the food in the stalls, including fresh grass.

Milk cows winter diet

During cold season lack of minerals and vitamins is observed and cattle needs the following amount of feeds - heavy - 38%, mild - 34%, cereals - 28%. It's worth noting that the dry food should correspond 5 kg to 100 kg total weight
Another important factor in feeding cows is the amount of feed. Milch cows are required to eat 2-3 kg of dry feed per 100 kg own weight a day. As juicy meal lacks that number can increase to 4-5 kg.

Basic part of feed.

The major share of food should be eaten twice a day, the leftover food must be got rid of. This may include straw, husks, hay. Due to the high content of substances that cause increased salivation and reduced acidity in the intestinal tract, so the diet must include cereals. Technologists assure that the base of the feed must be always in feeder. In total heavy feed should be about 50%.

Feeds used to balance feeding

First of all, feeds containing protein. A cow consuming balanced amount of feed gives the maximum amount of milk. Any cow in case of proper diet can produce about 10-15 liters of milk in average. However high performance is ensured by the correspondent feed. The total amount of feed for cow is formed individually. Cereals are a productive fodder. For one feeding milk cows can get about 3 - 4 kg. If there is excess of starch, they should be given no more than 2 kg.

Perfect diet formation

It is necessary to calculate, at first, the amount of basic food, then balancing, and productive. The daily rate should comprise half of heavy food, and the rest is divided between productive and balancing feed. Watering cows is also an important moment. For the calculation you need to take 1 liter of liquid for 3 liters of milk. During winter period high-milk cows drink about 40 liters, and in the summer - 60 liters. The water should be given three times a day.

Daily rate of feed for highly productive cows

If pelleted animal feed by "KZ" Konstanta" LLC is used cows receive all necessary macro- and microelements and vitamins and minerals. To obtain a high milk yield the diet should contain increased proportion of feed. The amount of feed rate is based on the volume of milk: thus, 1 liter of milk - 0,2-0,4 kg of concentrates and to provide vital functions - an additional 1 kg.

Feed and feed additives for replacement heifers

Feeding rearing heifers plays a very important role. To obtain maximum performance the factors of great importance are weight, age of first calving, reproductive system development, rumen readiness for processing large quantities of food. All this greatly affects future productivity and economic performance. To achieve the desired results in milk production, we offer the grower program for heifers. The feeds of trade mark "Konstanta" are included in the rations for the rearing cattle.

Dry cows

Feeding dry cows is not less important than feeding dairy cows and perhaps nonmilking period needs even more attention. During this period cows should have an opportunity to relax, reduce stress on the rumen, take care of calves, rejuvenate and renew substances transmitted with milk, prepare for future performance. To ensure future performance cow should not just rest and rejuvenate, but also solve all health problems, increase immunity and provide normal body constitution.

Advantages of using feeds and protein-mineral additives in the diet for dry cows are:

  • comprising a complex of vitamins and minerals
  • additional amounts of vitamin E;
  • reducing stress;
  • the possibility of endometritis.
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