TM "Gross Kroll" - feed for rabbits

ТМ «Гросс Кроль» - комбікорм для кролів
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Feeding rabbits with TM «KONSTANTA» feeds

The trade mark «Konstanta» comprises the line of feeds and protein-mineral-vitamin additives for professional feeding. The recipes are worked out according to recommendations of European breeders by a team of Ukrainian and Danish technologists, specializing in growing of particular species of animals and birds. This approach allows us to create a feeding program, taking into account all nuances of the physiology of certain species, as this guarantees the maximum performance of their growth and health. For more than 15 years we provide the leading Ukrainian agricultural enterprises with our feeds as well as our own farms. Now the feeds produced by «KZ» Konstanta» LLC are available for you too!

Modern production technologies

The feed mills of "KZ"Konstanta" LLC hold a triple quality control while production process: raw materials when applying for production, the process itself and the quality of the finished product. We provide veterinary support for our customers and work out individual recipes and produce special feed for them. All our brands of our feeds are accompanied by certificates by our laboratories accredited Ukrainian State Centre of Standardization and Certification "Ukragrostandartsertifikatsiya".

The feed includes grains (corn, wheat, bran, barley, corn gluten), protein products (soybean and sunflower products, yeasts) phosphates, grass meal, salt, limestone, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, enzymes.

Feed does not contain ingredients that can worsen the taste and quality of meat.

«Gross Rabbit». Professional program of feeding rabbits

A complete and balanced feeding is especially important for growing rabbits. The fact that, depending on the season, age and weight of the animals, their need in phosphorus, calcium, protein and carotene changes, the lack of these compounds affects health, productivity, quality of meat and fur. Feeding program "Gross Rabbit" is designed to provide the animals with all necessary nutrients, vitamins and micro elements at each stage of physiological development and to maintain a high level of immunity and health of rabbits. To achieve maximum results the following recommendations should be followed:

Условия содержания кроликов

Relative humidity 50-70%
Ventilation 0,3 m/s
Temperature 10 - 25 ºС

The most effective approach in feeding rabbits is considered a combination of full value feed and dry feeds rich in fiber (grass meal, hay). The deal of concentrated feed should be at least 50-60% of the total diet, and drinkers should always be full of fresh and clean water. Animals quickly get used to a feeding regime and must follow it from an early age. Normalized feeding provides better absorption of nutrients than feeding ad libitum.

In the first month rabbits are fed only with mother’s milk, providing them with all necessary nutrients. At 28-40 day rabbits should be weaned and habituate to FF 90/1. This feed is specially designed for feeding young rabbits without mother's milk, so all the necessary substances are balanced. The daily rate is 40-60 g / head and live weight amounts 1.7 kg depending on the conditions and breed of rabbit. Rabbits are fed at least 3 times a day.

At the beginning of the third month the rabbits should be gradually transferred to fattening feed FF 90/2. Animals should be fed 3-4 times a day at the same time. Young rabbits begin to gain weight rapidly at the age of 3.5-4 months. The rate of consumption per day is about 70-130 g / head, with live weight of adult up to 5 kg. Rabbits over four months grow slowly, consuming a lot more fodder for growth than the young, so it’s profitable to slaughter rabbits for meat at the age of 120 days. Picking the slaughter time you should take into account the condition of the fur, as the rabbits are slaughtered not only for meat but also for skins. The transition from one diet to another must be implemented gradually in 2-3 days, with change of feeding structure. Quality of fodder corresponds the recommendations of European breeders.

Наименование корма Описание корма Дни Норма кормления (гр/гол/сутки) Расход корма за период, гр
ПК 90/1 молодняк 28-60 70-90 2400
ПК 90/2 откорм 60+ 100-250 ---
Name Unit FF-90/1 grower 28-60 days FF-90/2 fattening 60+ days
Metabolizable Energy Kkal 280 250
Crude protein % 16.5 16
Crude gluten % 5 10
Calcium % 0.9 0.8
Phosphorus (digestible) % 0.7 0.6
Lysine % 0.85 0.7
Methionine + cystine % 0.7 0.61
Vitamin А М.Е. 11 000 11 000
Metabolizable Energy М.Е. 5 000 5 000
Crude protein mg/kg 75 75
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