Feed ТМ «Fogel Layer»

Комбікорм ТМ Фогель «Несучка»
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The trade mark «Konstanta» comprises the line of feeds and protein-mineral-vitamin additives for professional feeding. The recipes are worked out according to recommendations of European breeders by a team of Ukrainian and Danish technologists, specializing in growing of particular species of animals and birds.

This approach allows us to create a feeding program, taking into account all nuances of the physiology of certain species, as this guarantees the maximum performance of their growth and health.

For more than 15 years we provide the leading Ukrainian agricultural enterprises with our feeds as well as our own farms. Now the feeds produced by «KZ» Konstanta» LLC are available for you too!

Feed ТМ «Fogel Layer».

For rapid growth of chicken and a high level of egg laying it is necessary to maintain the natural balance of calcium and phosphorus. Apart from this, a level of vitamins D, E and natural antioxidants – group B vitamins has a huge impact on the immune system of layers.

Feeding Program "Fogel hen" has immunomodulation properties and includes diet, balanced on key nutrients and bioactive substances. It corresponds the physiological needs of hens and favors good health and high egg laying. For complete realization of feed potential it is necessary to follow recommendations on layers keeping.

Conditions of keeping layers

Relative humidity 60-70%
Ventilation, per head 6 m3/h
- Young (cold period) 0,3-1,2 m3/h
- Young (warm period) 1,4-4 m3/h
- Adult (cold period) 2-4 m3/h
- Adult (warm period) 6-12 m3/h
The stocking density
- Young 8-10 head/m2
- Adult bird 5-6 head/m2
- Young от 35 до 28 ºС
- Adult bird от 35 до 28 ºС
Light mode
- Young 24 - 14 hours
- Adult bird 14 - 10 hours
Feeding front 8 cm/head
Watering front 3 cm/head
The feed contains only natural ingredients: corn, wheat, barley, peas, sunflower and soybean processing products, phosphates. Apart from this, limestone, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, enzymes, absorbents. Quality indicators of animal feed correspond the recommendations of European breeders

Other advantages of feeds ТМ «Konstanta» and «Fogel»

Producing lines of our feed mills are equipped with Danish pelletizing system with extra steam treatment of the raw materials, that allows:

  • To increase feed nutrition due to its being more absorbed (due to dextrinization of starch and partial denaturation of the protein);
  • To avoid the feed losses as the pellet remains stronger;
  • To make feed extra decontaminated due to very high temperatures.

All our feed trademarks correspond DSTU 4120-2002 и TU В 10.9-37217406-001-2012 and are accompanied by a certificate by our laboratories accredited by Ukrainian State Centre of Standardization and Certification "Ukragrostandartsertifikatsiya".

We provide veterinary support for our customers and work out individual recipes and produce special feed for them.

Qualified specialists of Association «ASD» create individual feeding programs of all kinds of livestock, poultry and fish in accordance with customers’ requirements, observe results of feed consuming, provide laboratory services for the most efficient and beneficent operation of farms.

Programme of breeding layers

Breeding of chickens is the most responsible period in future productivity formation. Fodder FF 2 «Start» favors intensive formation of ostein and soft tissue of chicks and provides high safety of poultry. It is very important in the first ten days to keep the feeders constantly filled (to give food every 3-4 hours) for chickens to be accustomed to the place of feeding. It allows to gain the standard body weight at the age of four weeks, that ensures high future productivity of laying hens.

Feeds FF 3 "Growth" promotes active growth of layers and the accumulation of calcium in bone tissue. Use of the FF 3 for 9-17 weeks of life provides the formation of the skeleton and the necessary bone density, that affects the productivity of hens and the quality egg shell in the future. In case daily food intake is 48-65 g live weight of chickens at the age of 3 months reaches 0.9-1.1 kg.

Feeds FF 1/1 «The First Period of Productivity» is created for the first stage of performance, beginning at the age of 5 month. The intensity of growth in this period is reduced, reproductive organs develop, so it is important not to exceed the regulatory weight and increase the share of food multivitamin component. The consumption of feed during this period amounts to 67-115 g /head / day at a live weight 1100-1500g.

Feeds FF 1/2 “The Second Period of Productivity” should be used with 46 weeks. During this period, it is important to ensure full feeding, as the quality of animal feed at that age affects the duration of peak productivity and egg laying, the formation of the eggshell of high quality. Laying hens must be fed ad libitum (100-120 g / head / day), to provide free access to water and ensure long daylight hours. Live weight during this period amounts to 1500-2000g. A fine gravel (3-5 mm) should be added to the fodder once a week at the rate of 1 kg per 100 heads. It is poured on top of feed along the feeding space. Gravel is necessary for mechanical grinding food in the gizzard and helps to maximize the absorption of nutrients.

The switch of a diet should be gradual with changing the structure of the feeding for 2-3 days.
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