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Комбікорм для телят
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Modern production technologies

Feeds and concentrates, worked out by “Konstanta-Kombikorm” LLC provide animals with vitaminmineral complex and help to improve diets in order to increase productivity. Production lines of feed mills "Konstanta" are supplied with the latest equipment from "AGROTECHNOLOGY" (Denmark). All product falls under the system of long-term exposure to the heat in the steaming mode, providing a high quality of pellet and hygienically cleanness. The fodder corresponds ТU U 10.9-37217406-003:2012.

Feed does not contain ingredients that can worsen the taste and quality of meat

Milk period, 60-90 days

During this period the the calves are fed with liquid milk feed as main feed. Calves are given hay from 7-10 day. They are habituated to concentrate feed (feed or crushed cereal mixture) from 15-20 day, feed can be given in dry form. Hay or straw in the early period do not have nutritional value for calves, their main function - the development of rumen volume, its muscle part and circulatory system. Concentrates assist in the development of the rumen wall and circulatory system and are a source of nutrients. The amount of feed depends on its quality and composition, as well as on what calves drink. While drinking substitute calf eats more feed, which means better development of the digestive system and the ability to remove it from drinking earlier.

Succulent food (root crop or silage) is given from the second month. The rate of roots is increased from 0.2 to 1.5 kg a day since the 4th month. Concentrates rate is from 0.3 to 0.7 kg for one calf per day, roughage - up to 2 kg. The fodder from mill provides the optimal set of vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances. In addition, feed is balanced for all nutrients, that is very difficult to achieve using grain mixtures. “KZ “Konstanta” LLC offers full value feed KK-62 for calves from 1 to 6 months.

After-milk period

The period when calves are transferred to plant feed to achieve till age of 6 months. It’s normal at this time to use 3-4 types of food (hay, concentrates, boiled root crops). They are fed in the form concentrated feed blend accompanied by feed KK-62, which is a part of the diet for balancing protein, minerals and vitamins. The amount of feed is from 1 kg (4 months) gradually shifting to 2 kg (6 months) for a calf per day. Root crops - 2.5-3 kg, roughage - up to 3 kg.

Period of intense growth

During this period, muscles grow actively and supporting tissue of the body forms. The period longs 180 days, ie till calf’s reaching the age of 12 months. At this time, attention should be paid to ensuring a stable and proper feeding and the rational use of the cheapest volumous feeds in combination with KK 63-1 for young cattle of 6-12 months. In this period the amount of fodder consumed is from 2 kg since the end of the 6th month, gradually increasing to 3.5 kg at12 months for one calf a day. Root crops - up to 5 kg; roughage - up to 3 kg; and, if possible, the succulent fodder - to 15 kg; green fodder provided grazing - 20-25 kg per head a day.

Final fattening - meat

This period is characterized by higher average daily weight gain, which is achieved by using feed mixed with fodder KK 64-1 for young cattle of 12-18 months with high energy concentration for fatness rise and improvement of meat quality. Pelleted feed is consumed from 3.5 kg (12 months), gradually amounting to 5 kg (18 months) for one calf a day. Root crops - to 5-8 kg; roughage - up to 6 kg; and, if possible, the succulent forage (silage, hay) - 25-30 kg; green fodder provided grazing - 30-35 kg for one calf a day. The duration of this period is 180 days, ie before reaching the age of 18 months. The most intense body weight gain is observed between 180-350 kg so the gastrointestinal tract should be ready for the moment. Weight gain depends on feeding. Consuming "cheap" feed without focus on a particular fattening group cattle gains weight twice longer. After calculating consumed "cheap" feed, production eventually seems unprofitable. To optimize profitable production we offer a program of cattle rearing according to standards of “KZ"Konstanta" LLC.

Growing period, month Consuming feed, kg Feed mark
1 0,3 КК62
2 0,5 КК62
3 0,7 КК62
4 1,0 КК62
5 1,5 КК62
6 2,0 КК62
7 2,0 КК63-1
8 2,5 КК63-1
9-10 3,0 КК63-1
11-12 3,5 КК63-1
13-14 4,0 КК63-1
15-16 4,5 КК63-1
17-18 5,0 КК63-1
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