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Feeding of ducks with TM «Konstanta» feeds

According to recent research in the field of poultry, the specialists of "Konstanta-Kombikorm" LLC have worked out the programme of feeding ducks implying complete pelleted feed for each growing period. The appropriate feeding of ducks is one of the main factors influencing normal growth of a bird, high productivity, hatchery eggs quality, optimal hatching rate, growth of ducklings, high level of weight gain and good quality of meat.

Modern production technologies

The feed mills of "Konstanta-Kombikorm" LLC hold a triple quality control while production process: raw materials when applying for production, the process itself and the quality of the finished product. We provide veterinary support for our customers and work out individual recipes and produce special feed for them. All our brands of our feeds are accompanied by certificates by our laboratories accredited Ukrainian State Centre of Standardization and Certification "Ukragrostandartsertifikatsiya".

The sequence of feeding

The process of feeding the ducks is somewhat different from feeding other types of poultry, due to the high digestibility of feed and metabolic rate as well as higher temperature (42 ° C) of ducks. They are characterized by high intensity of growth in the initial period of life

Despite the high performance, the ducks need constant energy recovery. The ducks and ducklings would better be fed with pelleted feed, as it reduces throwing. The pelleted feeds contain normalized rate of exchange energy and the most important nutrients.

Feed does not contain ingredients that can worsen the taste and quality of meat.

The feed includes grains (corn, wheat, barley) , protein products (soybean and sunflower products, yeast). Also salt, amino acids (lysine and methionine), minerals (limestone, phosphates), enzymes, adsorbents.

It is important to note that ducks are exigent for conditions of feeding and keeping. They need water-ranging. And they require large amounts of water for proper digestion. When feeding the ducks feeding regime should be followed, every day they should be fed at certain times, according to the established order of the day.

For genetically determined growth rate of ducklings during 1-9 days it is recommended to give them prestart feed FF-21 with high protein content (22%) and metabolizable energy (285 Kcal). From the first day after the hatching ducklings are fed ad libitum taking into account the concentration of nutrients and metabolizable energy per 100 g of feed.

The average rate of feed intake per day per head - 40-60g. At the age of 10-16 days the consumption rate increases to 50-80 grams per day, while the body weight during this period increases to 550 g. Feeding ducklings should be done according to the norms, as their body weight gaining significantly reduces, and feed consumption increases. At the age of 17-42 days due to a decrease of growth rate the level of protein should be reduced, but the metabolizable energy content in the diet should increase.

Ducklings begin to eat pelleted feed FF-22 in an amount of 80-120 g / head per day and live weight reaches to 2.5 kg. Youngs are given as much food as they can eat without the rest for 20-30 minutes. At the age of two months when FF-23 is used the production period begins, the live weight amounts to 3-4 kg for an average consumption of feed 130-180 g / head.

The main objective of the proper feeding of adult ducks - the preservation of their health, high performance, good quality of hatching eggs. Only in case of normalized and full feeding, which can be achieved with our full value feed FF-23, it is possible to reach a high egg production (around 200 eggs / year) and to grow ducks for fattening and meat all year round.

The layers must be fed abundantly, and it’s necessary to control their body weight constantly. The average rate of feeding - 150-180 g / head at live weight of 3-3.6 kg. The switch of a diet should be gradual with changing the structure of the feeding for 2-3 days.

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