• Feeding and keeping of suckling piglets

    14 september 2016

    Critical periods of growing piglets from birth to weaning:
    birthday and the first 2 days of life: piglets adapt to new conditions - it is necessary to pay attention to temperature and "energy" provision;
    5-7-th days: developing iron deficiency anemia;
    14-21-th days: the weakening of passive immunity (even minor disturbances in diet can cause gastrointestinal illness).

  • Strategy in feeding milking sows

    12 september 2016

    The level of feeding of milking sows is determined by lactogenesis and depends on the needs in the milk of suckling piglets, namely, of their number in the nest and the intensity of development, as well as the age of the sow and her body weight. The more piglets grow, the more feed a sow needs. To improve the sow’s appetite it is necessary to increase gradually the feed for the first week, and then - without any restrictions.
    Feeding - several times a day, free watering. It is necessary to avoid raising of temperature in the facilities and reduce stress; to maintain a good climate control in the farrowing section; improve bowel function by feeding pregnant sows high dose of soluble fiber. Provide fertilizer for piglets, proper care and maintenance of sows.
    Lactation - is the most critical period in sow’s life and feeding strategy during this period affects both the growth and development of the piglets up to the slaughter and the further sow’s reproductive potential, and - on the overall herd productivity.

  • Strategy in feeding sows and gilts

    09 september 2016

    Needs for energy, lysine, minerals and vitamins are known today. Feeding modes may be worked out in order to take into account the individual needs of animals at each stage of the reproductive cycle and in any type of production system. This is especially important for modern high-productive sows when the goal is to maintain a good body condition throughout the reproductive period. It is necessary to create sufficient reserves in their bodies at the first service so they remain during lactation and / or high temperature environment.

  • General strategy in feeding boars

    06 september 2016

    Boars are a half of the breeding potential of each complex. They are usually kept in cells with good climate conditions. It is important to pay attention to feeding, because it influences the performance of pig farming as an industry. Sperm is not only a source of reproduction of pigs for fattening and reforming, but also a factor of genetic modifications.

  • Strategy in feeding pregnant sows

    01 september 2016

    Food standards for pregnant sows should provide them sufficient fatness, good health and adequate development of the embryo. Pregnant sows should be of medium fatness. The best indicator of the feeding level of pregnant sows is weight gain: adult pigs - 35-45 kg, young pigs - 50-55 kg.