Strategy in feeding pregnant sows

Food standards for pregnant sows should provide them sufficient fatness, good health and adequate development of the embryo. Pregnant sows should be of medium fatness. The best indicator of the feeding level of pregnant sows is weight gain: adult pigs - 35-45 kg, young pigs - 50-55 kg. Insufficient feeding in the first period of pregnancy can lead to death of embryos, birth of weak or dead pigs, whereas a balanced, biologically valuable diet provides a high fertility of sows, getting well developed piglets with equal weight. Embryo development in the first two thirds of the gestation proceeds relatively slowly and increases sharply in the past 30 days.

Feeding amounts in the last period of gestation increase because of augmented energy metabolism by 25- 45%. This is due to the growth of deposits of organic and mineral substances in the fetus and amniotic membranes of the uterus.

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