Balanced diet is a pledge of profitability

Feed mill "Konstanta" offers phase feeding of poultry using specially developed full value pelleted feeds for each growing period. Applicable normalized feeding - is a system of measures aimed at providing poultry with energy and nutrients to achieve high productivity and product quality. An important element of the poultry feeding system is regular monitoring of full value condition of nutrition. Continuous analysis of the efficiency of breeding is carried out on the results of the accounting of live weight, safety, productivity, individual biochemical and economic indicators.

The objective of our specialists and employees is to select the right raw materials and calculate the number of components in the diet.

First of all, the feed rate is determined. It includes an amount of energy, protein, fiber, minerals, vitamins and other biologically active substances required to meet the needs of poultry.

The rating in the recipe is calculated per 100 g of feed and for one head per day.

The poultry feeding standards are worked out by scientists from different organizations and are presented as "recommendations" for each cross.

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