• TM "Fogel" - feed for the birds

    TM «Fogel» – is a complete pelleted feed, concentrates, feed blends and vitamin mineral mixtures, which significantly enrich the diet of poultry with nutrients and biologically active substances. They are produced in accordance with GOST 4120-2002 for laying hens of different age, broiler chickens (start, growth, finish), turkeys, ducks and geese, quails.

  • TM "verkel" - feed for pigs

    Complete feeds «Verkel» contain all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, macro- and microelements for the highest rates of daily gain and meat quality at slaughter. Higher content of vitamins A, C, D, E strengthens the immune system and prevents of various bone diseases. The optimum ratio of the B group of vitamins, involved in protein synthesis, promotes rapid growth of animals.

  • TM "gross crawl" - feed for rabbits

    Full value balanced feeding is of particular importance for growing poultry. The fact is that, depending on the season, age and weight the need in phosphorus, calcium, protein and carotene, lack of which effects health, performance, quality of the meat, alters. Feeding program is worked out to provide the poultry with all necessary nutrients.

  • Feed for cattle

    The feeds and concentrates, produce by «Konstanta-Kombikorm» LLC, contain the necessary vitaminmineral complex, and help to improve the diet in order to the productivity of poultry. The feed mill manufacture lines are equipped with the up-to-date agrotechnological facilities (Denmark). All product falls under the system of long-term exposure to the heat in the steaming mode, providing a high quality of pellets

  • Feed for fish

    Based on current research in the field of feeding livestock, specialists of «Konstanta-Kombikorm» LLC worked out a program of effective feeding of pond carp. Needs of fish in nutrient chemicals are determined by genetic, but can vary greatly depending on living conditions.

  • Protein-mineral-vitamin supplements

    Protein-vitamin-mineral additive is assigned for feed and blends for dairy cows. The rate of its input is 10-20% of the proportion of feed or blend, in quantity required for a balanced diet. The additive includes proteins, various minerals and vitamins, flavor.